The Worthy Femme Mission

Our mission at Worthy Femme CEO is to help professional women reach their true power by removing all anxiety and subconscious blocks!

We have a vision to see that more professional women, in business, careers, and life recognize and embody their God given worth, love themselves fully, and become their own version of The Empowered Queen they deserve to be. 

No longer will hidden, buried trauma from your past keep us becoming the women we know we can be. No longer will we continue to achieve, yet feel like we aren’t enough.

No longer will we put on a mask for society in an effort to make them happy!

Right now, is our moment to embody true happiness, true worthiness, and true power!

The Worthy Femme Method




Put On Your Crown

Own your power by accepting and loving the lady in the mirror




Rule Your Throne

Learn to control vital areas of your life to tap into your true power




Guard Your Treasure

Acknowledge your worth and step into the confidence of the queen you are

About Nicole Gebhardt

Hi there, I’m Nicole B. Gebhardt, Welcome! I have gone from completely broken woman, to a highly sought-after motivational speaker, author, transformational coach, Reiki Master & Emotion Code Practitioner who specializes in helping professional women step into their true power, reclaim their radiance, and live a life of fulfillment… and we are just getting started! Through one-of-a-kind coaching programs, live and in person masterclasses, corporate workshops, and retreats,  I have dedicated my life to helping professional women all over the world discover buried trauma, and emotional blocks and clear a new path for success, doing LESS. What life should feel like, with 100% clarity, worthiness, and happiness! 
I recently went through Nicole’s healing Cacoon program and it changed my life. The tools, guidance and support she shows along the way are absolutely top notch! She knows how to help women because she herself has done the work. Her heart toward women is rare and beautiful. I’m truly blessed to know Nicole 💗
Ashley Rojas

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