Nicole Gebhardt

CEO and Founder of
The Worthy Femme CEO

Hey I’m Nicole B. Gebhardt, Welcome!

I have gone from completely a broken woman, to a highly sought-after motivational speaker, author, transformational coach, Reiki Master & Emotion Code Practitioner who specializes in helping professional women step into their true power, reclaim their radiance, and live a life of fulfillment… and we are just getting started!

Through one-of-a-kind coaching programs, live and in person masterclasses, corporate workshops, and retreats,  I have dedicated my life to helping professional women all over the world discover buried trauma, and emotional blocks and clear a new path for success, doing LESS. What life should feel like, with 100% clarity, worthiness, and happiness! 

Our organization has helped countless business owners, professionals, and high performing women remove the mask of having to be tough, and pretending like they have it all together, and know that it’s ok to have fear, insecurity, and doubt. It’s ok to be broken, lonely, and tired!

Those flaws are what make us the most powerful creatures on the planet as Worthy Femme women!

It’s time we make the choice to commit to healthy rituals that set us up for true success, beyond society’s definition, and let go of limiting beliefs that are holding us back from our true potential and power!

The mission of WORTHY FEMME is to have every woman recognize and embody their worth, love themselves fully, and become their own version of The Empowered Queen they were born to be!

We openly share not just my story, but stories of other powerful women and the pivotal life lessons that changed our lives, unlocking high performance through discovering self worth. My biggest strength lies in all of my weaknesses, my very own life experiences, which have enabled me to intuitively heal, guide, and uplift my clients effortlessly.

I have seen phenomenal results in women all around the world & have helped more women than we could count in their personal transformation.

I am an entrepreneur, military spouse and mother who lost her first born son at the the tender age of 9 weeks old. Walking in on him lifeless in his crib and trying to breath life back into him , multiple miscarriages losing 2 baby girls in the womb , being raped my freshman year of college by a group of fraternity brothers and being a gang rape, molested by my own father at the age of 7, abused in my first marriage to the point I’m not quite sure how I survived the emotional mental psychological abuse and leaving him when I was 7 months pregnant with a 1 year old and 2 year old and being a recovering alcohol on the road to celebrating 3 years of sobriety soon as I write this!


I believe that I am a true survivor and warrior.

And I know you are too!

If I can go from a single mom of 3 on food stamps to a thriving entrepreneur where all of her dreams have come true….married to my best friend and soulmate, amazing relationships with my healthy children, and the dream job being able to change women’s lives and travel the world healing millions. You can too!

My goal is to take my story and have it resonate with you so you can become the best version of yourself. Trust me,  I’ve been through it all…I’ve been through more than most people can even imagine or experience in a lifetime and that’s what allows my mistakes, my struggles, and my pain, and my triumph, the perfect testimonial for you!

I invite you to take this journey, together, as a community!

We have a powerful community that we have created just for you. Come join the fun!

Nicole Gebhardt


Nicole Gebhardt

The Worthy Femme

Nicole Gebhardt, CEO & Founder of The Worthy Femme CEO is passionate about sharing her story of survival and hope gleaned from a tumultuous grief and pain filled past.


Nicole’s Mission


As a former victim Nicole, is now truly a survivor having worked her way through molestation, rape, alcohol and drug addiction, marital abuse, divorce and loss of a child.

As a warrior of and for all women, she brings beautiful angelic healing, enlightenment and guidance through her one-on-one counseling, Reiki, support groups, speaking engagements, retreats and social media platforms.


Nicole is considered to be a gifted healer and a beloved friend to those in need. She uses her business to weave together her life experiences and knowledge, to uplift and help women, especially military spouses, to not only change lives but save lives.

Nicole further assures these women they are not alone and that they are good enough to be loved for exactly who they are. She gently and lovingly directs them to shed past or current resentments, disappointments, fear and mistrust. She assists them through the grieving process, to discover and relish in their own special talents and wake up every day in love and bliss.

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