Husband & Hero

Feb 1, 2021


My husband is my hero.

He’s served over 23 years in the United States Air Force. He continues to serve with honor and grace, as well as with a fierce love of protecting our country.

He has deployed eight times, done countless
TDYs, hurricane rescues, and reliefs, and more military “exercises” than I can count. Some years he’s been away more than he is home.
There is not a week that passes that he does not tell me he is “living the dream”…this makes it so easy to walk by his side and support him 100%.

I realize, however, that sometimes being “married to the military” has its challenges.
A spouse can feel isolated, stressed, and overwhelmed. Know though you are never alone. I’m here for you. Reach out and not only will you have me but also a supportive community that I can connect you to, wherever you may be.

I’m thankful for my husband, Jeff’s service. I’m also grateful for all the spouses that serve, alongside theirs.