Emotion Code Reiki

Setting Your Mind, Body & Soul Free From Toxic Emotional Energy

Emotion Code Reiki

Remove Subconscious Blocks

Identify Hidden Emotional Pain

Release Toxic Energy

What is Emotion Code Reiki?

The Emotion Code Reiki Method is what I use as a Reiki Master and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner to help my clients remove subconscious blocks, heal emotional pain and release any toxic energy residing in their body

Reiki helps to create a deep state of relaxation and It has been proven in studies that Reiki can improve multiple variables related to physical and psychological health. The Emotion Code is deliberately seeking out trapped emotions with a clear intention of removing it. Brad Nelson founder of the Emotion Code refers to this as “emotional surgery”. 

Releasing trapped toxic energy can help you to overcome the obstacles of your past. Most emotional turmoil, panic and self sabotage are the consequence of trapped toxic energy. When trapped toxic energy is released it can literally change how you feel, how you behave and impact the choices that you make. 

After treatments my clients have said they feel :

  • “feel lighter and at peace”
  • “Full of joy and love”
  • “Able to get out of bed again with excitement each day”
  • “less suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD and insomnia”
  • Increased confidence and SELF LOVE”

Meet Your Reiki Master

Nicole Gebhardt

I have personally felt the amazing benefits of Reiki to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress brought on by trauma I endured from abuse, rape and loss of my 9 week old son to SIDS.

I wanted to get attuned to become a Reiki Master and to the highest level of Holy Fire® III Karuna® II because Reiki Energy Healing not only changed my life, but also saved my life. 

Just had the most amazing Reiki session with Nicole! I’ve already made my next appointment with her. Can’t wait to continue my healing journey with her.

Heather Hatch

 How The Emotion Code Reiki Method Can Help You

Release Hidden Emotional Baggage

When you experience stress, trauma or distress your body remembers even if you mind forgets. Once your body has activated a hypervigilant state it will cause havoc on your mind and body because it is trying to protect you. Once this state is activated you will need to bring you mind and body back to a neutral state. Reiki and The Emotion Code help do this.

The burden of carrying this “emotional baggage” and toxic energy can derail you from the life you desire and keep you from living life in your true power and purpose. 

Unlock What Keeps You Stuck & Struggling

Have you desired and tried multiple things to change certain areas of your life but it hasn’t been effective? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, emotional health, or maintaining healthy relationships ? Then Reiki + The Emotion Code together can unlock the hidden subconscious blocks and release any toxic emotional energy that has kept you stuck and struggling. You can be set free and live the life you desire because together we can get to the root of these issues between Reiki, The Emotion Code, or one of my emotional Healing programs. 

Release Yourself From Negative Self Soothing

Until you find and release your past emotional pain you will continue to feel the need to self soothe with temporary fixes. I know first hand, as I am a recovering alcoholic. Before I learned methods to release my emotional pain I used alcohol to dull my anxious thoughts, panic attacks and insomnia. If you feel alcohol or another addiction has gotten out of control I would love to help you gain back your power. 

How The Emotion Code Is Performed

Identify Hidden Emotional Pain

Much of our suffering in life is due to toxic emotional energies that become ‘trapped’ within us.  A single trapped emotion can create residual effects both physical and emotionally. Trapped Emotions are identified individually and released one at a time

Unleash Your True Power

Trapped toxic emotional energy rooted from a significant event in your life. First, we recognize God and ask for his help. Then we muscle test to identify the trapped emotion using the Chart of Emotions. Once it is located we will release the negative emotions and you will feel relief. 

Feel Free & Fully Alive

When you free yourself from trapped toxic energy you can feel lighter and more alive. Your body stores these negative emotions to keep you safe but you do not have to hold on to them any longer. 

Benefits Of Reiki + The Emotion Code

Releasing trapped toxic energy can help you to overcome the obstacles of your past. Just as the wind is not seen but only felt, trapped toxic energy is invisible, but has the power control you if you let it. Most emotional turmoil, panic and self sabotage are the consequence of trapped toxic energy. When trapped toxic energy is released can literally change how you feel, how you behave and impact the choices that you make. 


Reiki encourages you to enter a meditative state that allows your body to relax deeper than you normally would. This allows you to clear your mind and improve focus. Clients rave about how peaceful they feel after a Reiki treatment. 

Well Being

Reiki promotes relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief to improve overall health and well-being

Stress Relief

Stress causes tension in the body so the deep relaxation state that you feel during reiki allows your muscles to reduce tension which lowers blood pressure, and your heart and respiratory rate. 

Stimulates Immune System

Helps to relieve pain and tension from physical and emotional injuries. It encourages your body to create a state of self healing. 

Promotes Emotional Healing

Reiki is a meditative state that help you to listen and tune in spiritually to reveal and heal emotional pain. Significant moments in your life are held in your body and Emotion Code Reiki will help you to release any toxic energy that is no longer serving you. 

Toxin Cleanse

Helps your body release toxic energy by encouraging a healthy flow of energy. Once the energy is flowing you will feel the impact both emotionally and physically.  

Ready to Make a Change?

I know what it is like to be suffering and looking for a way to feel fully confident and whole again. When you work with me sessions are guided by your needs. I use a blend of Reiki, Emotion Code and coaching conversations to guide you. I apply what I have learned as a Reiki Master and Emotion Code Practitioner, as well as my own personal journey and healing to meet your needs and help you find the happiness you seek.