Spiritual Lighthouse Heal Emotionally from abuse rape and loss to transform your life

Heal Emotionally And Live A Happier Life!

If you have suffered emotionally from abuse, rape, or loss then the healing cocoon is exactly what you need to heal your wounds and step into your best life.  Learn how to control you thoughts, anxiety, and emotions. Implement tactics to manage depression, insomnia, and PTSD. Be empowered with information and support from someone who understand what you have been through. 

Next Session Enrollment Starts July 5, 2021

You are never alone.
Move forward into the peace
within today.

A Personal Message from Nicole

I am here for you. I see you. I’m not going anywhere so when you are ready…all you need to do is REACH OUT to me and I would be completely honored to hold your hand, guide you, and lead you to that pure JOY, HAPPINESS, and LOVE that I have already found and that I long to share with YOU!!!

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Spiritual Lighthouse Healing
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It’s Nicole’s mission and greatest desire to breathe new life into the women she serves, to be that bright light leading them through the darkest times. She wants to be your “Refuge from Life’s Storms”. Let her help you to let go of insecurities, to fully embrace your unique qualities and nurture your soul’s passion.

Request Nicole as a Speaker

Nicole is available as a Speaker to your group or organization. Engaging and connecting intimately with her audiences, Nicole weaves bold and transformative messages of hope and inspiration with applicable tools of healing and action. With the heart of a warrior and a champion for women questioning their value or suffering from emotional pain, Nicole leaves all with a renewed and restored spirit of strength and joy.


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