Forgiving Others: Why Forgiveness And Healing Go Hand In Hand

Forgiving Others: Why Forgiveness And Healing Go Hand In Hand

Find joy by forgiving others who have hurt you. Why forgiveness and healing go hand in hand and how to acknowledge the pain and struggle un-forgiveness is causing in your life.

First and foremost, in order to truly forgive others, you must acknowledge you have un-forgiveness in your heart, mind, body and soul.

I thought for the longest time I had truly forgiven all those who had brought me heartache and pain in and from my past. These people included my ex-husband who had mentally and emotionally abused me for years after the death of our son, the fraternity brothers who gang raped me my freshman year of college at Florida State University, and even the individual who sexually assaulted me when I was just a seven-year-old little girl who became scared to even be alone after that horrific event occurred in my childhood.

But, the truth was I had only blocked out these horrendous episodes and memories, which in turn did not allow me to truly forgive these individuals. Instead I had buried all of it so deep inside of me because the pain and truth of what had happened to me literally brought me to my knees each and every time the thoughts surfaced in my heart and in mind of what happened to me all of those years many, many moons ago.

To get even more real and honest with you, I thought for decades that the rape, abuse, and sexual assault was indeed all my fault as well. Isn’t that awful??

Why do we do this to ourselves???

Oh, and it doesn’t end there. To add even more fuel to the fire, I thought the death of my son, Samuel, was my fault too. I had convinced myself my son died and left this Earth to go be with the Lord in Heaven when he was only 9 weeks of age because of something I did wrong as a young mother and him being my first and only child at the time.

The lack of forgiveness, or what you might call un-forgiveness, became just too much for me to bear because it was causing more problems than the true benefits of utter forgiveness.

I couldn’t keep doing this to myself any longer. It was time for me to truly forgive myself so I could also finally forgive the others, which in hopes would give me the desire to want to be alive and get out of bed again, stop thinking suicidal thoughts, and to feel genuinely happy for the first time in my life.

I did begin to want to get up and get out of bed each morning. I did begin to feel more alive, free, and ready to live life to the fullest. I did want to truly get help for the first time in my life so I could finally heal from my past. And I even did want to implement self-care so I could feel all the joy and happiness life had to offer.

And, yes, life became much more beautiful, exciting, and glorious for the first time for me ever due to simple act of forgiveness.

This is why I have created my program the Healing Cocoon, because you deserve to have a happier and more beautiful life. 

I want to close by sharing some of the ways I implemented the act of forgiveness in my life:


Acts Of Forgiveness

I wrote a letter to each of the individuals that hurt me and soon as I wrote it and read it out loud to myself I burned it

I posted bible verses around my house on what God teaches us about forgiveness in the Bible

I started a self-help book called “Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life” which taught me ways to implement forgiveness

I began to journal and each day for a month I wrote the person’s name out in my journal and next to it I wrote, “I forgive you”

I began getting Reiki Energy Healing weekly which allowed me to release the pain and forgive all the individuals from my past


Some more tips and ideas on how you can forgive to heal are:

  • Always forgive yourself first
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Share your feelings with someone else
  • Forgive smaller things in the beginning then work towards larger ones
  • Focus more on the good things in your life
  • Look for a support group
  • Work towards your own happiness and implement self-care
  • Find a Reiki Master near you or schedule a distant reiki session with me

If you are looking for a supportive group for daily encouragement and full of people who are seeking the light join us at Nicole’s Angels.