3 Self Love Activity Ideas And Why Self-Love Matters

3 Self Love Activity Ideas And Why Self-Love Matters

Implementing Self Love Activities Is Not A Luxury It Is Vital. Self Love Matters and here is why...

I Didn't Think I Deserved It

For the longest time, and I mean decades, I never thought I deserved true unconditional love or to even love myself. You see after experiencing so much heartache and pain from the combination of losing my son, being raped in college, and living through spousal abuse in my first marriage, I just figured I deserved all the pain and heartache I was receiving.

Until I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough.

I immediately began the process of healing by simply implementing self-love. I began doing things I enjoyed doing. Whether it was a simple as taking a bubble bath or running to Target and just walking up and down the aisles. My life immediately began to change.

I realized there was no way I could ever truly love others the way they deserved to be loved until I began digging deep and learning to love my true authentic self. I began to realize the importance of putting myself first at times and that there was nothing wrong with doing that.

I stopped being mean to myself. 

Talking myself down. Expecting perfection. I mean let’s be real no one or nothing in life is perfect so why did I expect perfection from myself, but not from others? Why was I constantly being my hardest critic? And constantly using harsh words towards myself?

One of the biggest changes I made was I really started to change the way I thought about myself. The nasty words I used in my head became calm and loving words. The negative thoughts about myself that ran rampant in my head before became positive and loving words. My personal growth became unstoppable.

Just by me simply starting the process of self-love, I began to truly love myself, love who I was becoming, and even became excited to wake up each day and want to get out of bed. I also began feeling more free, less depressed and anxious, and more beautiful from the inside out.

So if you are reading this, I strongly encourage you to start implementing self-love immediately.

And guess what?!? I have created a phenomenal program to help you to do this and in turn you will learn to truly fall in love with yourself. I will teach you numerous ways to show you what self-compassion looks like. Whether it is changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, changing the course of your day from being hard and self-loathing to being easy and beautiful by simply expressing gratitude, or even realizing you are worth it by placing positive affirmations around your home…everything I teach you will change the way you live and you will fall in love with yourself all over again…and that’s a promise.

My 3 favorite Self-Love Activities you can DO today to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved are:


  1. Take a warm bubble bath after your children go to bed.
  2. Purchase a blank journal so you can write down every day THREE reasons why you love yourself in it.
  3. Set your alarm for tomorrow 10 minutes earlier than usual so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee alone before your children get out of bed.

“You are worthy. You are capable. You are beautiful. Book the ticket. Create the dream. Celebrate yourself. Rule your queendom.”