“You Have Unlimited Power, Happiness, and Worthiness

Waiting To Be Unleashed!”

Create The Life, Business, and Relationships You Have Always Dreamed of With Less Work, Less Stress, Less Anxiety, and With More Intention!

Have you been searching for that missing piece to take your business, career, and relationships to new levels without all the hustle, stress, and overwhelm? Then this letter is written just for you!

I want you to feel me say this to you…

It’s time to put an end to the “traditional woman” and create a new culture!

You Have Unlimited Power, Happiness, and Worthiness Waiting To Be Unleashed!” 

It’s already inside of you! You were born with it. God created you, woman, with the ability to do and feel amazing things

But! If you’re anything like me, you’ve made the stunning realization that success isn’t about earning a bigger salary or landing the fancy corner office with a view.

That glow that you were born with gets buried underneath society, media, our parents, trauma, death, pain, anxiety, stress, and the world!

It’s a lot to take on, but as a woman you were built to withstand and become MORE!

Despite society telling us for years exactly who to be as women… as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, executives, and more!

Despite the media trying to shape the identity of what we are “supposed” to be. You are reading this because it’s your time!

It’s time to break the mold, it’s time to break the cycle, and it’s time to truly step into what real success is for real women!

What would your life and business/ career look like if you were to start showing up in absolute worthiness every second of the day?

How different would your life look if you were to…

Wake up every day with unlimited energy.

Show up confidently in everything you do with no regrets.

Allow your mind and body to heal itself on auto pilot.

Make more money and bigger impacts with less work.

Become showered with love everywhere you go.

Too many of us have suffered the guilt, the burnout, and the stress-related tolls on our minds and bodies for far too long.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you:

  • You feel like there has to be more than there is right now.
  • You want to make more money, but don’t want to burn out or risk your family’s happiness.
  • You feel undervalued in countless areas of your life
  • You feel like no matter how successful you become, its still hard to calm your mind
  • You want to know that you belong in your skin and own your identity!
  • You want your friends to see you as the leader that can inspire them to do more with their lives

Welcome to the world of the Worthy Femme CEO – where nothing is impossible when we operate in worthiness, confidence, clarity and commitment!

I recently went through Nicole’s Program and it changed my life. The tools, guidance, and support she shows along the way are absolutely top-notch! She knows how to help women because she herself has done the work. Her heart toward women is rare and beautiful. I’m truly blessed to know Nicole

Ashley Rojas

I highly recommend Spiritual Lighthouse Healing! Nicole is such a beautiful soul and it was a joy to be in her presence. This was my very first Reiki session and I must say that I am amazed at how in-tune she is spiritually and how keen she was when it came to my energy. I could literally feel the heat from her hands and the heaviness upon me become lighter and lighter as the session progressed. She went over-and-beyond to help me and I will forever be grateful. Looking forward to engaging more with her and propose others to do so as well.

UPDATE: There was a problem with my review posting and since the 23rd of February (my original posting date)…I have had another Reiki session with Nicole and this time was even more A M A Z I N G!! Nicole is Awesome you guys!! If you have any curiosity about Reiki…reach out to her! She’ll welcome you with open arms! 🙂


I’ve had both distance Reiki and hands on Reiki with Nicole, and I’m already looking forward to my next session. I want to introduce her to everyone I know! After my session today I left feeling energized, in my power, lighter, and simply put… Happier! Nicole has many gifts. I enjoy talking with her, and receiving such beautiful Reiki energy. She’s a blessing to the Panama City area! 10/10 Highly recommend! 💕💖


Attract The Life You Deserve With A Proven 3 Step System 

Each area in your life serves a symbiotic purpose for the other areas of your life! No one area is more important than the other

Spiritual – Our connection to source

Mental – Our connection with self

Physical – Our connection to our body

Family – Our Connection to loved ones

Relationships- Our connection to those that we spend time with

Business- Our connection to the impact we create

Finances – Our connection to treasures 

Lifestyle – Our connection with gratitude

Notice how as we focus our attention towards our spiritual (worthiness) connection to the universe and its energy, it creates a domino effect for our mental health, physical health, and family well being. 

Which in turn allow us to create powerful, quality relationships, which create clearer business decisions, leading to more money and better lifestyle

One of the most powerful moves you can make in your life and business is to completely surrender to your future most powerful self. She is waiting for you to simply let go, and allow her to guide you to an amazing life that has already been created!

  •  She is waiting on you to let go of who you are today
  • She is waiting on you to love yourself enough to invest in yourself
  • She is waiting on you to forgive yourself and move forward
  • She is waiting on you to find the buried trauma and finally HEAL

We give you all the secrets, the techniques, the hacks, the steps, the diet! It’s all here ready for you to finally connect with your destiny and true self!

Once You Uncover The Buried Trauma, Pain, Fear.. You Can Heal & Attract Your Dream Life

I know what it feels like to have “success” but feel empty inside…

It’s a place that feels lonley, it feels scary, and it feels like no one else could possibly know this feeling…

I mean you have everything you wanted right? You played all the cards right! You did everything you were “supposed to do”…

But where did it get you on the INSIDE?

And everyday you let another day go by that keeps you from your full potential…

It’s Not EASY Being A Powerful, Successful Woman Today!

And its ok! You are NOT alone! You have everything inside of you already to experience the most life has to offer without sacrificing your happiness, identity, success, or more

You Can Have it ALL!

As you see me here, It’s easy to see the put-together speaker, coach, and business woman, but trust me, who you see today has been crafted from my broken moments.

Do you see the recovered alcoholic that still fights the battles and temptations every day! Do you see the survivor of rape, abusive relationships, anxiety, depression, ptsd. 

Do you see the mother, who lost her infant son…

If you can think of it, I have probably been through it… But our pain is what fuels our purpose. 

Despite all of those things. I had to make the decision to wake up, choose WHO I was going to be for the day, dig deep for the gifts that God granted me, and unlock my worthiness 

I want to show you exactly how to take your pains, some may be smaller than mine, some may be bigger.

It doesn’t matter. Pain is pain, and we as women tend to bury it, deep! We keep moving because that’s all we know how to do. 

But what if that buried pain, trauma, anxiety, whatever, is keeping you from connecting with your TRUE destiny. What if there is something that you can’t see, keeping you from connecting with your feelings of TRUE WORTHINESS and SUCCESS!

What REAL SUCCESS Feels like.

This type of success doesn’t come with always working harder and longer hours.

WORTHY success means doing less and achieving more with less effort.

That’s why I created Worthy Femme CEO! I will show you the step-by-step process of how to attain REAL success. Not just the success that we are told to reach for!

  • Worthy success means not sacrificing time with your kids for your next big promotion or raise.
  • Worthy success means your marriage, or partnerships flourish with love and abundance.
  • Worthy success means money flows to you effortlessly because you have internally tapped into your automatic healing powers!

Such a wonderful healing experience. Also the amount of days is great. You just have to be sure you are ready to want the help for your healing, show up, do the work and you will be able to put your problems aside, have a better mindset and become a better version of you. You are able to succeed and be a survivor of whatever it may be that’s holding you back. Just put in and find the person you trust and better things will come and you will be happy more of being who you are. Because we can do anything if we set our minds to it and leave our past behind us.experience


Nicole is a true healer. Her love for healing people is evident in everything she does. I have been a part of her healing cocoon program and it has been an incredible experience to work with her. She is brilliant and fun. I recommend Nicole to anyone who wants to heal from emotional trauma. She walks the talk and is humble and kind.


Nichole has an amazing ability to connect with her clients and lead them to the tools needed to bring healing into their own lives. She is authentic and compassionate!! I like that she demonstrates through her own trials and pain what is possible when you completely surrender and allow God to ultimately bring you through the pain.


In just 12 weeks, I will show you how to master what has taken me decades to tap into!

Instead of feeling like you’re always behind, rushing, running around like a mad woman… Feel the abundance of time that will make other women wonder how you do it all but still seem so relaxed.

Instead of the world telling you to work more, do more, allow yourself to tap into a space that less equals more. Working smarter…Working from the inside will attract more money to your life in ways you’ve never imagined.

There is MAGIC waiting for you to heal those hidden/ buried wounds and energetic blocks…

Instead of conforming to the world’s idea of happy relationships, divorce, and struggles. Watch as the only thing your friends talk about is how much they wish they had your relationship, your love, your peace!

You are one step away from an experience that God intended for you here on earth… better sex, more energy, sense  peace, fufillment, a glow that people will start to compliment you on endlessly…

At the end of 12 weeks, the woman you know today will no longer exist she will have become a WORTHY FEMME.

Nicole is a lifesaver! Her love and compassion for helping others is beyond what you could imagine. She’s encouraging, loving and excepting. She’s kind-hearted, open and funny. Her singing always warms my heart and makes my day! I program with simple to use and really opened up things that were hidden or that I didn’t realize about myself. She uses her past traumas to help others daily. Healing cocoon is the best investment you can make in your healing journey!! Thank you to her and her team for investing in the healing of others!!! TEN STARS !!!


For High Performing Women In Business, Career, & Life

An Elevated, Expanded Experience for Women Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and CEOs

We combine support, group mentorship, and the world-class healing practices, tools and resources to make sure you have everything you need to create your dream life with less effort and stress!

Over the next 12 weeks…When you gain access to

The Worthy Femme Experience:

Attend weekly, powerful Worthy Group Sessions and receive clear actions on how to tap into your inner power to attract the life you deserve to you with less effort.

Build your network of other powerful women and increase your level of success just by association.

Your Worthy CEO Experience

Your Custom Roadmap To An Amazing Life of Abundance,

Wealth, & Worthiness!

Each of the 90 days comes with a journal prompt to help you not just take the right actions, but how to attract and release to allow more to come to you!

STEP 1: Awareness

Our coaches will perform an exclusive process to help you become aware of the specific thing that is missing. It’s time to claim your life’s full potential and we will help you gain clarity of everything you want in your life, without the guilt, shame, or feelings of confusion!

STEP 2: Belief

Believe that you can do this, you are not alone, and you have the power to have anything in your life! Belief is the key to creating a new vibration in your life and our program is designed to create new levels of belief in the core areas of your life!

STEP 3: Uncover

Find the hidden, buried trauma keeping you from an effortless connection to your dream lives! We all have buried things from childhood, relationships, etc that is blocking us from our potential! Its our job to uncover them, heal them, and allow life to work in our favor!

STEP 4: Heal

Use the power already inside of you to let go, heal, and attract happiness and love! Once you heal the buried trauma and pain in your life, it will clear space to attract your dream life at an accelerated pace!

STEP 5: Expression

Express your WORTHINESS with gratitude each day and gift those around you! The specific action plans our coaches and program members layout for your life will completely change the things that come into your life.

STEP 6: Attraction

Watch as everything you have ever wanted to have, feel, and experience finds its way to you in effortless ways! With no stress, anxiety, guilt, depression, or any negative emotion keeping you from your maximum potential

We’re here to support you every step of the way

As your mentor and cheer squad, we’re here to help! Our goal is to empower you to step into your Worthy CEO identity so you can confidently make decisions for you life, business, and career with easy and simplicity! We are here to guide you with our years of mastery working with hundreds of women just like you!

We’ll help you stay on track and get un-stuck.

The Worthy CEO Vault:

Never feel a lack of motivation, inspiration, or fulfillment.

Become the woman you know you have the potential to be with the help of our exclusive Worthy Femme Vault. Inside access the templates and guides designed to help you BECOME a new woman!

Our belief is that you should never have to start from a blank slate each day! Using these guides will allow you to walk in the footsteps of other powerful CEO Worthy Women! Use these guides when you’re in reflection, with friends, or along side the Worthy Femme Coaches, to discover and unveil the things keeping you from experiencing the maximum potential and fulfillment in every key area of life!  

Join The Worthy Femme CEO Experience Today To Access These Exclusive Bonuses You Can’t Get Anywhere Else But Inside of This Unique Experience!

Bonus Reiki Package

Experience Reiki like never before, as our talented and experienced Reiki team takes you through a spiritual awakening that will impact each core area of your life with new insight and energy! Receive 3 complete sessions when you join the Worthy Femme Experience today!

Worthy Femme Journal Bundle

Receive your Worthy Femme Journal with w/a bonus Mirror work program to help stimulate the awareness and gratitude in your life, relationships, business, and career! Learn how to love yourself each time you walk past a mirror and allow your new life to flow to you effortlessly!

Worthy Sex Masterclass

Take your relationships to a level many never have the luxury of experiencing in their life time. Learn how the are of transformational sex will exponentially amplify your relationships while also having a direct connection to your mood, energy, happiness, worthiness, and performance in your career and business (overnight).

Worthy Femme Attraction Affirmations

A complete turn on affirmations that you have never seen before done in the world of affirmatoions allowing you to connect and manifest like the power CEO Wife, CEO Mom, & Worthy Woman, In the key parts of your life! Experience Healing Conversations, and specially designed morning routines for success

The Worthy Body Bundle

Gain access to a specially crafted nutrition plan, with easy to prep recipes intentionally designed to to increase your energy substantially, enhance your mood, and help you lose unwanted weight, and feel worthy and happy in your body! Also receive the workout routine that helped me lose 30lbs and fight off emotional/ hormonal weight gain!

Voxer Access Business Hours

For a limited time ONLY, receive Voxer direct access to Nicole during business hours to voice message and directly communicate with her via the voxer app and get instant feedback on your progress!

Guided Meditations Bundle

Use our transformational guided meditations to slow down the thoughts in your mind and connect with the highest vibrational feelings in your body to become one with the universe and all of its gifts that are already set aside for you!

“Empower Yourself” Guidance

Receive text notifications with empowering actions and encouragement to play bigger than you played the game of life yesterday and attract more power to your life.

Sound like everything you’ve been searching for?

This is the most brilliant community of professional, high performing women that have chosen to break the mold….

professionals, business owners, and Worthy Femme CEOs on the internet.

The Worthy CEO Experience is not just a program… its a party! This is the place to refer each other, network, create your next bond and share experiences! Money flows through this community like a vortex. In here there is so much overflow between us, through us, and around us, you will feel the abundance vibes the moment you enter!

Apply today to see if the becoming a Worthy Femme is right for you!

Between us, through us, around us – you will feel the abundance vibes in this group!

This is where the top women and CEOs on the planet hang out. And you’re cordially invited into the club

This program is extremely exclusive, we limit enrollment and having a credit card does not qualify you to become a Worthy Femme.

  • You’ll be surrounded by powerful women, supportive women, uplifting women and CEOs who are earning 6- and 7-figures so you can learn from them and level up fast. Even if you are just starting from scratch, the fastest way to level up is to surround yourself with success.
  • Every day, clients are sharing amazing wins and the behind the scenes of how they achieved milestones, so you get a behind the curtain look at what others are doing to be successful in your same situation.
  • You’ll see tons of detailed launch recaps and full funnel breakdowns, so you can see exactly what others are doing, the numbers, conversion rates, the strategies they are using and more.
  • You’ll be in a community of high-caliber, ambitious women making moves and CEOs who have all invested to be there…which means the group is super active, generous, inspiring and supportive.